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By Kevin Jay
Hello everyone.
I will soon be a first time buyer of a kayak. I will be using it primarily for fishing. I am considering the Ocean Kayak Big Game 2. I am 6’1”, 345lbs and the BG2 seem to be the right size for me. I’ll be purchasing a trailer for towing and launch.
I plan on buying it in February to be ready for the spring Bass season. I am currently making an effort to accumulate as much info as possible before then. So if I may. I have a few questions to start with.
1. Scupper plugs: Do I need them?
2. Fish finders: Does anyone here us a scupper mounted transducer? Which transducers will work with the Ocean Kayak Big Game 2?
3. Do side-arm mounted transducers work as well as scupper mounted?
4. Rudder: I will be using the kayak on lakes and in rivers/stream. Does it make sense to install a rudder?
I’m sure that I will have many more questions as I dig through the mountains of info available.

Thanks in advance.
1. I plug holes under my seat (otherwise I'd be always riding with my ass wet) and in back side of kayak (where cooler/lures are)
2. I do. No idea. I ended up applying some heating gun magic to fit my transducer into the ridge on the bottom of my yak. Risky endeavor.
3. Yes, I think. just another thing to snag on. Tbh in-hull mounted transducer should be ok too, but I wanted my transducer to be in the water. it makes sense to have transducer in front of you, though -- for crappie jigging.
4. I don't care about rudder. It probably helps.
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By Ron Mc
I'll add that rudders are a good idea on longer boats, especially longer boats with vee-hull designs that are made to keel and track really straight.
Shorter boats with flatter bottoms tend to spin easily and don't really gain anything with a rudder.
My boat is a very long example, a Tarpon 16, and you can steer it with a good lean, but it's a lot easier to steer it with a rudder.
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