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By Sea-Agg09
I’m super excited to get into the hobby. I’m trying to decide on my first kayak.

I’m debating between the ocean kayak prowler 13 and the F&S shadow caster. Both are in my price range and offer some good features.

I live in Houston, so I’m going to be doing both fresh and salt. I would like to try some BTB at some point, but not for a while.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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By crusher
Just in case that first answer wasn't clear enough, I'll say the same thing - wait to purchase until you've paddled a couple or few so your purchase is based on more than other's opinions, posts, or marketing. Personally, I have a Trident which is basically the Prowler so I like that kayak, but that's not to say you'll like it. Lots of choices and no kayak fits all people's comfort or style.
Rent or borrow the first time or two out is also an option - ACK and FTU both rent.
Everyone fishes in their own unique way and has individual tastes and needs. Best thing to do is figure out how you like to fish and then figure out what kayak best suits that rather than trying to get a kayak to conform to you. In other words, one person could say a particular kayak is really great while another could say the kayak is terrible and they would both be right.

Sometimes it's hard when you are starting out to know how you like to fish. If you can't answer that question, then some sort of general purpose kayak might work for a time until you figure out what you like to do. The demo days are great for getting a looksee at a lot of different models and trying them out.

Here are two sources: Tail Tail Signs and ACK .

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