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By glen.orenstein
Looking fora a place to take her out fkr the first time. Would prefer somewhere within 30 minutes of NW Houston but does not have to be.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

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By kickingback
Drive west on 290 until you see James Muse Pkwy. It's about 15-20 minutes from 1960. There is a nice large pond/lake there that you can launch a boat or yak or jet skis and have fun. There are bass, catfish and crappie in the pond/lake but they are far and few between as many people fish it but I have caught crappie there last year. The owner is named George. I think he is a retired teacher but he owns the land and lake and comes out sometimes to collect $5 a person to fish. That is if he comes out there. Most of the time he does not come around. Just fish or try your yak and have fun and if he shows talk to him. He is a good old man!
Other than this little pond, Lake Houston is the next closest and you can launch from Ponderosa Launch on Luce Bayou. You can find it by looking it up on google. Great place to yak and catch bass and crappie! Nice bayou to troll and take your time all day!
Good luck
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