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By Wildwilly
What do I need to add. It has a ram mount in the middle front and a ram base on the right behind the seat. Can I install built-in rod holders? Has an anchor trolley but no anchor. Is the Bruce still the way to go or is there another that is better. If there's a sticky on rigging, I missed it. Help
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By Neumie
As crusader mentioned, go fishing. After you've spent some time on the water you'll notice what you'll need and where to put it.

Yeah, a bruce anchor is the way to go. There are two great rigging options here: CLICK I like the method with the ziptie.

I now prefer stake out sticks. I carry two with me while fishing the coast, an 8' Yak Attack ParkNPole and a 3 footish golf shaft I bought at Goodwill, so depending on water depth I'll choose either.

Since you already have an anchor trolley I would go ahead and purchase a drift sock. They're great for slowing yourself down when drift fishing. The ACK Chute is great option because it has a weighted bottom and float on the opposite side to help deploy.
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