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By Captain
Hello from the Mckinney, TX area. I am not new to kayaking or fishing, but I am new to kayak fishing. I am looking for my first intro rig and so far like the Ascend 10T from Bass Pro shop if I go new. However if a good used yak comes up at a good price I’ll jump on that. I have been keeping an eye out for some good deals on that 5mile app and on here. Would love to try before I buy, but not many places I know do that. So any suggestions or recommendations are always welcome. Keep in mind I am 44 and don’t like hard plastic seats so I am looking at the yaks with the raised seat. Also any recommendations on great fishing locations safe or safer for yakers would be great as well. I have seen a few at lake Texoma and some on Lake Lavon. Any way thanks for the read and hope to see you on the water soon.
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By TKFStubb
Plz forgive the slow reply. Down here on the coast, some of us are still under water. If you will check out our classified section for boats and gear for sale, you will find some real bargains on top-end, outfitted yaks as our folks get ready to trade up. Be patient and you will find just the one for you. If you have questions about a specific rig, PM me and I'll give you my pluses and minuses.
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By kickingback
Lake Conroe or Lake Somerville are both good for kayak and fishing as well as camping. Conroe can get crowded on weekends so be careful and stay close to shore to avoid being run over by bass boats in a hurry to get nowhere. I go on weekdays or nights. Much better. Conroe is closed to all motorized boat traffic but kayaks are allowed. Both have great bass, crappie and catfish catching abilities. Study Google Earth before you go anywhere and do a search in the forums for other posts on a location you want to explore.
Also Lake Houston's Luce Bayou on the north east side of the lake the bayou is a great place for kayak fishing. Trees and under water structure throughout make it a serene and peaceful place to catch some descent sized bass and crappie.
Ask for a buddy to go with you if you need more reinforcement to help you learn the best way to fish and kayak at the same time. So relaxing! Good luck.
By Captain
Thanks guys for all the advice! Cant wait to get out there. BTW, prayers for all of you guys in south Texas. Be careful.

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By PlanoVan
Hi Captain,
I'm new to the site and kayak fishing as well. I actually just purchased my kayak last week and took it out on Lavon Saturday morning. I launched by the Highland Park ramp and fished the trees south of the park towards the bridge. A friend of mine said there are good places for kayaks at Ray Roberts too. I live in the Plano/Allen area so Lavon is the closest for me. Best of luck!

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