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By Gkolodzi
I got into Kayaking a couple weeks back when a friend took me to a local lake in his extra Pelican 100X angler. Obviously I have seen Kayaks about, but never really grasp there true potential as a fishing platform. I am an avid fisherman, but have never considered fishing from this type of boat. Let me tell you, I AM HOOKED. I have purchased and outfitted my first boat. After alot of research, I decided on a Feelfree Moken 12.5 in Desert camo. I looked into the Lure 13.5, and I really wanted a 7Native Slayer Pro, but I could have the Moken all tricked out for the price of a bare Lure or Slayer. So this seemed a better route (for now).....i fish for mainly Catfish and Bass, and I think this yak will do nicely.
By Captain
Nice set up for a first yak. Im jealous. Still looking for my first one.

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Nice set up and well planned on all your accessories neatly positioned without adding any holes :shock:

Let us know how it goes on its maiden voyage

Let's go fishin....Coco!
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