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By jackedbronco
Looking into buying a kayak that will support my frame (6,2 to 300lbs)..

Any ideas, models and brands

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By mike holding
Are you a beginner looking for a kayak or you have been kayaking before ? Well with your weight search for Hobie Mirage or Malibu X-factor kayak. Both are stable kayaks for heavy weight individuals. If transportation is an issue then you can also opt for durable inflatable kayaks.
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By TG05
A good rule of thumb is not to exceed 70% of the stated weight capacity of the kayak. Doing so results in potential safety issues and a loss of performance. Given 300 lbs plus the weight of any gear (seat, cooler, rods, tackle boxes, anchor, etc.), I'd suggest something with at least a 500 lb weight capacity.
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By Aquapon
I have 2 malibu x-factors looking for a home. They will handle someone of your stature for sure.
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By Ron Mc
X-factor was built for a scuba-diving platform, and is rated for over 500 lbs - I think 550.
My buddy used to take out both of his young daughters plus his dog.
By coosmith
Jackson Big Rig will do it. Stable as all get out. Wilderness ATAK 140 will make it happen too.

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By cricman
Based on my 6' 275# experience:

Jackson Big Rig: Like a 1979 acadillac Sedan Deville-lots of room and comfort (stable), not the most maneuverable, fast enough once you get it moving, heavyish, I love mine.

Diablo Amigo: Like a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII-Still roomy and comfortable(also very stable), more maneuverable (to a point of distraction, even with the skeg- which is virtually a must), not too heavy.

I also fish a lot from my trusty Old Town 119 canoe: Plenty of capacity, fairly comfortable with a seat backer, not for the twitchy or those unfamiliar with the primary and secondary stability of a small canoe.

Had an Ascend H12, which was also very stable and plenty of capacity. The seat was a bit too low for me, but all in all a decent hybrid at a good price point.

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