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By jackedbronco
Hey All, I'm interested in kayak fishing. Was wondering what the best kayak for big guys that's out there.. I'm 6,2 300lbs..

I'm new to Victoria Texas but I've fished powderhorn from the indianola marina and coloma creek..im going to Boggy bayou next..

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By Cruisin_Cuda
there are a few with high weight capacities, but it's all relative to what your style of fishing is, distance you paddle, how much gear you take, etc. think about that and start looking into some models that might fit the bill. a few that come to mind are nucanoe frontier, jackson big rig, ocean kayak BG2, Malibu X-factor, and i'm sure i'm missing some.
By Tallgrass07
There are some good choices out there. Figure your weight plus the weight of all your gear (paddle, coolers, tackle, etc.). A good rule of thumb for safety and handling is not to exceed 70% of the stated weight capacity of the kayak. Demo, demo, demo.
By jackedbronco
I just missed Roy's bait and tackle annual kayak demo..on my days off I'm going to head down and go test fit some of those

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By hd2001glide
Be sure you take a look at the Ocean Kayak Big Game II. This is a very stable kayak that is reasonably fast for the width of 34" and easy to stand in. It has a super center storage area, excellent chair, well laid out. Very well built and is easy to resell in the future when or if you want to sell. Very reasonably priced. Ocean Kayak is one of the best kayaks on the market.
By jackedbronco
Sounds great I'll be sure to ck that model out.. they have so many different accessories too..but the most expensive thing is the initial purchase

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By jackedbronco
I decided to go with the Jackson big rig 2017 model from Roy's bait and tackle.

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By mike holding
I think you can try Malibu X-factor sit-on-top kayak that can hold up to 625 lbs. I am 6'3 and 250 lbs and it works fine for me. It is good in terms of stability, storage and maneuverability. Also it comes with the rod holders if you wish to go for fishing. But it is not a cheap kayak so maybe you can look for a used one if the budget is tight.
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