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By kusb2030
Hey all,
I moved to north padre island( Corpus Christi Area) beginning of August. I really got the feeling that I am gonna enjoy kayaking around as the water is so calm here. I want to buy something that my total cost $350! I am not sure if I am going to stay around after August, I even I have time to kayak. That is the reason I do not want to spend to much money it. Does anyone has any suggestion?
About me,
Never done kayaking before
Just want to cruise around (no fishing, no surfing)
170 Ibs
5.9 tall
Thank a bunch
Craigslist will be your best bet to find a used kayak for your needs. You can always resale it after use and get your money back as long as you take care of it. Some will let you try it out and get a refund if it leaks or has issues they did not tell you about.
If you want to try one go to a local ACK store and ask for a demo of what they have. They also rent kayaks. They do events where you can try out ALL their kayaks. Look out for ACK "Demo Days".
If you have never done it before find some place that you can rent a kayak. Have them show you how to load it on your vehicle. Then you have to unload it yourself, carry it to where you are going to paddle. After you paddle around a bit then you have to get it loaded back on your vehicle. If after a day enjoying the adventure then go looking for kayak to buy.
Don't forget you also need to get a PFD (by law) and a paddle.
Academy sells a 10' pelican, sit inside, for around $200.00, get a Propel paddle by Magellan for about $30.00 and a PFD for kayaks for another $40.00 to $70.00. All very good stuff for the price and the Pelican is very light and easy to carry. If you have to carry it on a car then also get the kayak pads with straps kit $40-$50.00 to put on top your car.

Ken J
there are several marked kayak trails nearby that would be great fun, and you can pick up laminated charts for them at local kayak shops.
The Pescador is a great choice for being wind-slippery, shallow, and fast.
In the coastal wind, many 10' boats can be a problem, sitting you behind the center of the keel, making them hard to steer downwind. I would look at narrow and low 12' boats that have the seat right in the center of the boat length.
An exception seems to be the Pelican 10' boats, which all have the seat centered properly.
The Pelican Icon (Academy) fits your price point and is nicely appointed with a good seat and sliding foot pegs.
There are many less-expensive boats to check out there, as well.

If you're willing to double your price, the Perception Triumph looks like a hoot for wind and speed.
I can also recommend a Heritage Angler 12, which at the current clearance price meets you price point.

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