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By B.birdnest
Hey guys trying to decide on a new kayak, need your input ...please.
I fish out of my mako skiff 18'. I have been kayak fishing for about a year now, I love it. I am currently in a Pescador 120 pro. I feel it's time to upgrade, I am on the bubble between hobie outback or atak 120
I thought I was certain that the hobie would be my choice , but after this past weekend fishing shamrock cove had to paddle thru real skinny water, I know people say that you can futter kick the hobie,not a chance where I was at. I really don't plan on making 10-15 mile trips on my yak or going offshore , manliy fishing in the lagoon. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
By Tombo
I am looking at a very similar kayak, the ATAK 140. I will be trying out an ATAK 120 this weekend at Roy's Bait and Tackle demo day.
I can tell you the ATAK kayaks are heavy, might be a deal breaker for me trying to load this kayak.
My Hobie Revo 13 seems like a feather weight compared to the ATAK.
Nothing like testing to help make up your mind.
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By EdK
If you plan on mother shipping go simple. As said by Tombo, the ataks are heavy. Paddle ok for a wider yak. With a brisk breeze, not so sure.
How does the ATAK 120 compare to the Radar 135 if primarily fishing inshore and skinny water marshes.
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