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By zigwyth
Hello. New to forum, but not kayaking. My wife and I will be visiting the Kemah area this coming Sunday, 7-28th, and wish to utilize our 4 days to find some good areas to kayak and fish for reds,specks,flounder,etc.,. Locations to launch would be appreciated also.
I can give you tons of info, but the best advice is to drive a bit further south and go to west bay.

On the Clear Lake area:
Kemah Channel you can launch from under 146 bridge boat ramp. There is also a boat ramp in Shore Acres that is less crowded. You can fish anywhere along the channel, but the closer you get to the rocks the better.

Seabrook Flats you can launch from Todville Rd and 10th St. There is a park there where you can carry the yak to the water. You can fish around the mouth of the bridge, all around the houses in Seabrook, or move towards Kemah Flats.

Seabrook Lagoon you will have to park in the left side of Todville Rd and drag your yak to the water. Closer to the road is deeper >10ft, so you can try to flounder there.

Mud Lake you can launch from Nasa Rd 1 boat ramp. Fish the shorelines for reds.

Now back to West Bay, as I don't fish the Clear Lake area that much any more.

A good entry level marsh is Pierce Marsh close to Bayou Vista. The launch is at Louis Bait Camp. Paddle all the way to the right of the launch past the train tracks bridge. Once you get past 300-500 yards after the bridge the entrance of Pierce is to your right.

Tiki Island @ night - old Fat Boys boat ramp

Causeway @ day/night - Galveston Bait n Tackle boat ramp

Texas City Dike - Launch on the left side just after you enter the dike. There is a place called Mosquito Island that is widely fished out there. Wear your PFD at all times.

Offats Bayou - Around the road to Moody Gardens there is a pier with a boat ramp you can use. I never fished Offats, but its an easy launch.

Galveston Island State Park - Opens @ 7AM. You have to pay $5 to park there per person. There is an office on the bay side of the park that you can pay on an envelope and drop in a box so you don't have to wait until 8am when the beach side office opens.

Jamaica Beach and Sea Isle there are boat ramps you can use. Just use google maps to find them. Have fished around there day/night.

Many others further south including SLP areas and Freeport. Anyway, use google maps to find more.

If you are interested in BTB go to the forum related to that area. Plenty of people do the BTB thing around Galveston.
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