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By Justin_Smithey
I'm new to kayaking and considering my budget and what I have read online I'm thinking about purchasing the Perception Pescador 12 that academy has and would like any comments you might have to offer on it.
I'm 5'11/weigh roughly 190lbs. and would like to mainly fish bays/lakes/rivers. maybe once I became a little more experienced take it BTB

http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/store ... _196951_-1

Appreciate all feedback!

By Alsatian
Do a search on here for the pescador, this has been discussed many times already. But here it my 2 cents.

It's the old design of the WS Tarpon 120, which is a very good kayak.
You also can take the same amount of money and buy a used yak that is already rigged.
I'm slightly shorter and heavier than you and have taken the Pescador down rivers, across lakes, in the bays, flats and BTB without any problems.
It is not the perfect yak, because there is no such thing.
If I had to start over again I would start out with the Pescador, it's a decent all round kayak and makes a great buddy yak when you decide on your next one.
Plan on adding a rudder when you get the funds.

Conclusion: best bang for your buck.
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By Justin_Smithey
Thank you for the response Alsatian! and I'm still searching...due to funds I'm forced to buy one thing at a time.. which first was a roof rack. (went with SportRack) which was much cheaper than thule & yakima. I was looking at the heritage Angler but after reading reviews online have changed my mind.
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You may want to try one out. I have had a heritage redfish 12 for a few years & love it. I do not have experience with the perception, but like mentioned, if its a tarpon design, its good to go!

jbs5639 wrote:Thank you for the response Alsatian! and I'm still searching...due to funds I'm forced to buy one thing at a time.. which first was a roof rack. (went with SportRack) which was much cheaper than thule & yakima. I was looking at the heritage Angler but after reading reviews online have changed my mind.
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By Remo
Have one, like it! A bit less stable than others as far as initial few degrees of tip, but not bad and it's fairly fast. I was / am in the same situation- buying up things piecemeal. So, I understand being in research mode. No substitute for experience though. I lucked out with the Pescador and got what everyone says- good all-round (far as I can tell). I'm gradually rigging as I see a need: rod holder, a forward storage bin, rudder to come eventually.
By lildave40
i have seen alot of pescadors both inshore and btb it is a good kayak. If you want to look also he bass pro shop has a sot ascend fs12t. That was my first kayak and worked perfect on rig runs as well as inshore. At the time I was 245lbs at 511.

As for a rack system look into the malone universal system It was cheap and worked well.

Just a thought
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By HtXfisherMan8706
I have had mine for almost a year and I love it. I am 6' and 180 with a gear load of about 20-30 lb when I go fishing. Highly recommend it. Check out my videos on YouTube. Search for MRBOBBY8706 and you will see all my vids on my channel. Btb and the bay it does it all.
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By M4car223
I just picked one up less than an hour ago. I'll let you know what I think when I get it on the water. It's will be my first yak, so I can't compare to anything else.
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By M4car223
jbs5639 wrote:M4car223 What did you think about the yaK?

I'm very pleased with it. It seems to track straight, I say seems because it was a bit tough to tell with the occasional push from the wind. It seems to carry quite a bit of speed, I can't paddle and coast for quite a while and with the wind at your back I can easily drift around and fish and change where the bow is pointing by simply dipping the heel of a foot into the water.

Stability, I first put the Pescador in the pool. Leaned left and right pretty far. Wiggled it around, didn't flip. I didn't push it to the point of Intentionally flipping it because 60 degree pool water will always be avoided at all costs. Once it warms up I will lean it as far as I can to turn it over, and work on deep water reentry. While in the pool I stood up, was wobbly but I will say it was a combo of being a newbie and some frosty adult beverages.

My impression of the Perception Pescador 12, for the price and a first kayak I don't think I went wrong at all. It is a good piece of equipment at a good price and is stable enough to tolerate the mistakes that someone new to kayaking can throw at it.

If anyone has any questions about it feel free to pm me and I will answer ASAP.

By Lance2622
I am considering this same kayak for my self. In your short experience with it did the front storage area stay fairly dry? I have read a few reviews where ppl complained of a large amount of water coming into the front storage area.
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By M4car223
Sorry it took so long to reply. I didn't have any issues with water entering any hatches. Approximately 7 hours on the water between Saturday and Sunday and inside the hull was completely dry.
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I got this boat from Mountain Sports in Arlington about a month ago. I've taken it out about 7 times since, and I couldn't be happier. Are there boats that I see others on that I wish I had? Sure. But for $500 new, I'd say it's the best bang for your buck as a first boat.
By El Batman
I got this Kayak a month ago and have taken it out twice. First time in a really small lake/pond to get used to the yak and the second time at Port Mansfield, 10-13 mph wind. The kayak performed really well in slightly choppy water and boat wakes hitting me head on, but I did get splashed quite a bit with the chop/wake. I had 2 scupper plugs under the seat plugged and 2 plugs in mid-section of the kayak plugged and the feet plugs open. I had to open up the seat plugs to let water that splashed in out.

Good first experience. Spent 4 hours out midday and caught a flounder/nothing else biting, but I can't wait to take it out again!
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By On The Bay
jbs5639 wrote:Just got my pescador! I picked it up used off of craigslist. Can not wait to get it on the water!

Let use know how your trip goes when you get a chance to get out on the water.
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