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Greetings fellow Texas, I hope to purchase my first kayak here come the fall and am looking at something like a Hobie. I was also wondering about the Classic Accessories Colorado XT pontoon, and was wondering how hard, or even if it is feasible to install the Hobie Mirage Drive onto the front? Anyone have thoughts on if this is a dumb idea or maybe it may be worth it to try?

The reason I am looking at a pontoon is the added stability factor, that's all. But I do not want to install a trolley motor or any motor of any sort on the pontoon or Hobie as that means getting insurance and registration etc. on it right? My budget went up from about $500 originally for a kayak to now about $1200, and this would be all in, including a PDF and/or Paddle.

Any insight would be appreciated.
first question is always where do you plan to fish

Most salt fishing is decided by the wind. Low fast boats shine if you have to travel distance and want to fish when you get there no matter what.
Folks like Tombo, who live there, can pick and choose less than 10-kt-wind days, where they find a pontoon the perfect platform - but also have a back-up low and fast kayak to handle the windy days.
Think I'd be looking at Hobie Outback for all-around the coast.
One of the biggest concerns with first timers is stability. Stable equals slower for the most part. Pontoons also get in the way paddling, fishing, launching ect. I second the recommendation for getting the outback, newest design. I know folks that can stand up in this kayak.
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