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By Ken S
Anybody have the Hoodoo Tempest 120 peddle drive? Just ran across a reference about them.
By SWFinatic
I don't have any experience and very little knowledge with Hoodoo kayaks other than they are hard to sell if it ever comes to that. Just by looking at the pics I'm seeing the pedal drive looks very similar to the pedal drive in the KI kayaks. I spoke to the owner of KI and he was very forthcoming telling me the pedal drive is imported from China and he wasn't too sure about the longevity of the pedal drive. Again that was for a KI kayak and not the Hoodoo. However based on the price there is a good chance the Hoodoo pedal drive is in the same category. Personally I wouldn't consider any other pedal drive other than Hobie, Old Town or Native (in that order). I believe Old Town has the best pedal drive warranty on the market.
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By Ron Mc
where do you plan to take the boat - makes all the difference in what you should think about

Neumie has an excellent application tutorial here, and spreadsheet of every boat he could find
By Ken S
Thanks Ron, I plan on mostly lake use and coast 4-5 times a year. Lots of info,, but can't find any detailed views. Would like to talk to someone that has or had one
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By Ron Mc
Most of us at the coast like our sleek low boats to paddle, 14+'
T160, Search15, Viking Reload, etc.
The other direction is Hobie drive, and the Compass is pretty much the starter Hobie for coast fishing.
What you need to keep in mind about pedal drive is how the seating affects stability and handling in coast wind.
Bicycle-crank-propeller drives have you sitting up really high and pedaling uphill. Hobie drive is more logical, but even then, shallow flats can limit the Mirage drive use, as in, you can only take it so far in skinny water before you must lift it and paddle.
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By Neumie
There was a post on Facebook TKF where a guy was having issues with the steering handle for the rudder. I can't find the post anymore, but I think it was stripping out. Hoodoo was good about sending replacements for free, but I think the guy punted the kayak because he'd replaced the handle 3 times and Hoodoo wouldn't send anymore. Could be an isolated incident, but I don't know.
By kenneth_leger
Good friend of mine just told me he is selling his because of rudder issues and he’s only ha dit for 2 weeks. I was highly considering getting one myself but not anymore.

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