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I am looking to buy a used Hobie PA14. I have a few I have found to go look at. Any advice on things I should look for? Issues I should make sure it does or does not have? I am looking at 2017 or 2018 models so anything on the MD 180 that I might need to look at specifically?

Basically any advice is appreciated.

On the mirage drive look for scrape marks on the bottom of the housing (the gray part). If the drive has been pulled across oyster beds or hit anything like a stump hard enough to do any damage it would likely show up. Also move the pedals back and forth with the drive in your hands. If you feel any bumps or rough spots that's a sign the drive hasn't been cleaned/maintained. And finally make sure the rods that the fins are mounted to are straight.

On the kayak obviously look for deep scratches but ask how and where it has been stored. Outside is hard on kayaks especially if they're not stored properly. Hobie recommends not storing their kayaks on it's side and will not honor a warranty if they know it's been stored this way.

Also if you get one that doesn't have a gasket under the front storage hatch lid I recommend ordering one. It's just a peel and stick front hatch seal but the front hatches will leak without it. I found the rod tubes for the rod storage on my 2016 were leaking so I pulled them out and sealed the ends up with Goop Marine. About the only time I find water in the hull is after I've taken it through the car wash and even then it's less than a cup.

Best of luck.
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