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If you don't have a kayak, buy one with the new, comfy seats! Some of them remind me of La-Z-Boys!

If you're looking for a seat to fit an existing kayak, your ideal seat will depend on inside hull shape height and many other factors. I have a Pescador 12(old Tarpon 120). The factory seat was horrible. I put a Gone Fishin' seat in it, and the backrest is great, but the bottom pad was not thick enough to pad my bottom, or to get my butt up out of the water that accumulates in the seat pan. I made a lower pad from 1-1/2" closed cell foam, contoured it to fit the seat pan, and the Gone Fishin' seat bottom sits on top. Works great! Almost none of the aftermarket seats seem to have an adjustable lumbar pad. On mine, it's a round pad that velcros to the seat back, and lets you locate it to put pressure where you need it on your lower back. Big help. The Gone Fishin' seat also came with two rod holders and five Plano lure/gear boxes.

If you can rig one, the new "Larry Chair"-type seats might work for you. If you can, go to a Paddle Demo Day and look at all the variations of seats and rigging. Good luck! TexasJim
There is a new catamaran style kayak, the Bluesky Boatworks 360 angler, being released this month. It has a high standing bass seat that pivots 360 degrees, pedal driven but power options, too. It'd allow you to sit tall and just lean/squat up easily into a full stand. For many people with bad backs, they really get tight if they sit too long, need to stand and move around a bit.

In my Sportspal canoe, I actually carry along a folding lawn chair with two bladed legs and I lodge it in between a bench seat and a thwart bar. It is super, super comfortable, easy to fold up on the water and toss behind me if I want to paddle off the lower bench seat.


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