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By HoneyDown
Just purchased 4 kayaks for myself and my family. I have been searching for trailers. I prefer the Malone style where the kayaks could be on their sides and carry all 4 on the same level vs 2 levels of kayaks. Having a hard time locating a proper trailer. My question is,am I better off just purchasing the Malone or trying to build my own. Please send any pictures that you may have of your setups. Thanks
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By kickingback
Only tip I can give you is if you buy or build make sure the trailer is completely salt water protected metal. Trailers rust faster than anything in salt water.
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By TexasJim
One of my neighbors just acquired a couple of fishing kayaks on a trailer by Triton. All aluminum, two kayaks side by side and space for two above, but relatively low. Then he got a third kayak. They fit nice on the trailer, and the construction is all-welded. Worth a look. TexasJim
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By JohnnyUtah
On Malone trailers you can buy longer crossbars - around 6'6" if I remember right. You may be able to squeeze 4 yaks side-by-side on that if they're perfectly on their sides. On that same note I'd be cautious about the weight of 4 yaks and the associated gear that most people throw on a trailer. The Malone is only rated at 350lbs., which isn't much if you have gear plus the yaks you plan to load.
By TG05
The Malone MegaSport trailer has 86" crossbars and would handle any weight you'll need for 4 kayaks.
The Malone MicroSport can be fitted with 78" crossbars that might hold 4 kayaks on their sides. I have those to carry my 2 Native kayaks flat.
With Malone you do get 12" wheels and sealed bearings, which are nice.
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