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I'm not new to kayaking but I am getting more serious. I've heard some mixed reviews so I wanted to get some first hand opinions. The weight is not a problem but I am worried it may be a pain to kayak round trips of 5 or 6 miles.

Here's the link:
Well, how about an almost first hand opinion on it? lol
A good friend of mine has one of those that was a gift to him from his coworkers. I think they are really nice looking, has a comfortable seat and very stable. We fished up on Lake Conroe a whole day, probably paddled 4-5 mles round trip and he had no issues whatsoever. It was fairly windy to. I just bought a FeelFreel Lure and they are very similar. I absolutely love this Lure I have. They both have that trihull design that makes them really stable. I can stand and do a dance on the Lure no problem. Even paddle around standing up. I never saw him stand up but I bet he could easily. It has the extra support on the deck for standing just like the Lure also. Anyway, hope that helps a little.

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