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I have a few Strike Pro Hunchback Crankbaits and Lures Listed, Selling to fund a project, all are in the package, unopened. I am having a difficult time uploading images, so I am able to email a picture of all the lures in one picture, minus two Hunchbacks that are already sold.


Strike Pro Hunchbacks
Charteuse Silver 3/4oz 15.00
Moonwalker 3/4oz- 15.00
Ate O Ate 3/4oz- 15.00
Ate O Ate 1/2oz- 15.00
Bleeding Yellow Perch 1/2oz- 15.00
Strike Pro Top Water Popper- 3/4oz/Bone/Chartreuse- 15.00

Unfair Top Dawg

Ba Donka Donk Bomber
Citrus 4" 3/4oz High Pitch- 10.00
Bone/Orange Belly 3.5" Low Pitch-10.00
Bone/Orange Belly 4" High Pitch-10.00

Would prefer to sell them all as a package, 120.00 shipped, I can accept payment via Paypal.

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