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By Topgun15v
First off, I have been a long time member of this forum since around 2007 and have recently gotten back into Kayak fishing with the purchase of a new kayak, and now that I have my daughter who is 7 I am looking at getting her back into the sport as well. With that being said, if anything in my post is not allowed, please let me know and I can correct.

I have a good friend who fished a kayak tournament last year with his 15yr old son in Arkansas, and afterwards they were serving free beer, and between that and people cussing left and right, he decided to help make a family friendly kayak fishing tournament. One thing to point out is that I do call this a Kayak Fishing Tournament; however any type of boat can register, it just must be self propelled. I highly doubt anyone vessels other than kayaks and an occasional canoe will come out, but wanted to at east throw this disclosure out there. We basically don't want to discriminate anyone.

He is trying to get started in the Hot Springs Arkansas area this year, and figured I could ask anyone on here since its only a 4-5 hour drive. This will be Christian led and will have a morning prayer before fishing, and family friendly, but outside of that nothing out of the ordinary. All of the money will be going back into the organization through prizes, food, etc. I have even donated lots of time, prizes, and money personally to help this cause, so neither him nor myself are trying to make money here.

General Information:

Come join us for fishing tournaments throughout the year. Events will be held on the 4th Saturday of each month for 6 months beginning March 23rd, 2019 and ending August 24th, 2019. Exception will be June 1st on the Buffalo River.

A 7th Grand Finale even will be held in September for those that have competed in a minimum of 3 of the previous events.

There will be a short devotion and prayer before each event that morning. In most of the events being held, there will be folks camping at or nearby the event for fellow-shipping.

The tournaments will be held at different lakes and rivers throughout Arkansas.

$20 registration fee per boat per event. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 positions. You must register a minimum of 3 days

March 23rd – Lake Ouachita (3 Sisters State Park) - 7am Start
April 27th - Lake Darandelle (State Park) – 6:45am Start
May 25th – Ouachita River (Hwy 27 Campground) – 6:30am Start
June 1st – Buffalo River (Woolum Campground – 6am Start
July 27th – Lake Adkins (Lucky Landing) – 6am Start
August 24th – Lake Fort Smith (State Park) – 6am Start
*September 28th - TBD

*Must compete in 3 of the previous events to qualify for the September event

PM or leave a comment on here if you would like the full brochure.

Thanks, Ryan
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By Topgun15v
Just ordered this one from Walmart! Cant wait to test it out in the tourney. Hopefully going cheap/frugal doesn't come with harsh setbacks out on the water. My goal was to pick the cheapest Kayak/tools to get out on the water, to prove everyone can enjoy fishing!


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