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By Dandydon
Am posting this under Tournament News, but see the Saltwater forum for the same rules & follow-up posts. Hope to see you at the night tournament!


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By shoffer
Yakety Yak called me just now with a good question. The rules say no lights "affixed" away from the kayak and wanted to know if that meant that a contestant could not fish lights "affixed" to a structure away from the kayak, such as the causeway.
The answer is "no," the rule does not prohibit that. Let me clarify the rule.

The rule is designed to prevent someone lugging out their own generator and lights to a spot and fishing that. A contestant may fish any other lights they want - Causeway, homeowner surface lights, underwater lights, pier lights, the moon, a flashlight on their head - just no generator with halogen lights beaming down deep in SLP, or set up on a oyster bed somewhere.

Let me know if any other questions.
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By shoffer
Here is the what the Fish Tally Sheet will look like at the weigh in. I updated to account for best 5 fish overall, since I mistakenly assumed that it was the team's 10 best specks, as opposed to 5. I will have copies at the weigh in.

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