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For the past 5 weeks, Captain Steve Hoyland Jr. has been running a tourney out of Topwater Grill in San Leon. I am posting this here as starting May 23rd, it is now open to kayakers. $50 buy in, best three trout with a side red pot for $20 buy in. Full pay out.

This is a fun tourney, Steve's band Double Tap will be playing under the palapa starting at 6PM. Come on out even if you can't fish the tourney. When the band plays it usually draws a good crowd. Hope to see you there!
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By Zeitgeist

Tuesday Top-Water Shoot-out

1. No more than 4 people may fish in a boat.

2. All fish must be caught on rod and reel, only one rod per person may be used at one time. Any baits live or artificial may be used.

3. Stringer will consist of 3 trout per boat with a 15 inch minimum, and no fish 25 inches and above. All fish will be measured on an official measuring board (Check it Stick). Any fish under the 15 inch minimum length with be culled along with the largest fish in stringer. If a fish 25 or over is weighed, this fish and the next biggest will be culled.

4. Winners will be decided by total weight of stringer. In the event of a tie, money will be split evenly with the boats that are tied. Only 1 place will be given per boat.

5. Tournament fishing hours are 4 p.m. to 15 min. prior to Sunset.

6. Team must be in weigh in line with fish by Sunset or stringer will not be weighed.

7. $50 per angler up to 4 anglers per boat. (100% payouts) No more than 3 places will be paid out. Any kids under the age of 17 entry is free with a paid angler. Reminder all kids under the age of 17 will need a release form filled out by guardian prior to fishing.

8. Wade fishing is allowed. If team decides to wade fish, all anglers must begin to wade from the same location. Main motor or Trolling motor cannot be started until all anglers are back in the boat.

9. All anglers are subject to a polygraph test and must abide by its conclusion. All polygraphs must be passed in order to receive cash or product. If you have ever failed a polygraph for any form of cheating you cannot participate in this tournament. If you refuse to take polygraph you will be disqualified.

10. All decisions made by tournament directors or tournament officials will be final. Tournament director can make a change at his or her discretion or when the safety of the anglers is at question.

11. Life jackets & kill switch are recommended any time boat is running on plane.

12. There no penalties for dead fish weighed in.

13. All boats will leave from Top-Water according to their flight numbers which will be decided by a lottery draw at registration.

14. Any protest must be submitted in writing to tournament director within 10 minutes of last fish weighed in.

15. All state, federal, and local laws apply. Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than your prescription) during tournament hours will be disqualified. No alcohol or drugs allowed in boat during tournament hours.

16. Contestants must be 18 years of age. If angler is under 18 years of age they must have a signed release from parent or guardian.

17. Anglers with live fish will be given first priority to weigh in.

18. These rules apply to all anglers of this tournament. Violations of any of these rules will warrant appropriate disciplinary action by tournament director(s).

19. Hole sitting by or for contestants is not allowed.

20. No boat, without permission, may fish within 50 yards of another boat that has their anchor down or the trolling motor down in the locked position.

21. Upon entering this fishing tournament, contestants release Tuesday Top-Water Shootout officials and sponsors from liability of accidents, losses, or thefts. Contestants are responsible for knowing and understanding this rules.
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