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By amigo33
Sign up for the Guadalupe River Bass Shootout brought to you by Webfish and TourneyX.
go to the link below for all the information and tournament rules. You can sign up and pay entry fee through Paypal.

http://www.tourneyx.com/tournament/guad ... y-webfish/

http://www.tourneyx.com and click on club tournaments then click on Guadalupe River Bass Shootout.

Anglers can fish Canyon, Dunlap, Placid, Gonzales, Meadow and Wood Lakes. McQueeney is off limits.
You can fish at your convenience. You have all month to catch your 5 fish.

Entry fee is $50.00 with big payouts. We are only taking 30 entries. Tournament runs from April 1 to 30.
Deadline to sign up is March 31
Net profits go directly to the outdoor ministry Salvation Outfitters.

Thanks in advance. God Bless and Good Luck
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Registration will end this Thursday night at 1145 pm. Tournament will start at 6 am on April 1 and run though April 30th. Join today to get in on this great tournament. Proceeds help Salvation Outfitters outdoor ministry.
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