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By dugue4
for the live fish bonus, i know its .5 bonus whether its on fish live or both fish live, but what happens if you have 2 fish and one is live and the other is dead? do you get the bonus or not?
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By Wadefish69
If I remember correctly yes it is 1/2 bonus for weighing in live fish. Does not matter if one or both alive. In past you could get special raffle ticket for live release and if both released 2 tickets or only one if only one fish alive and released. Someone else may also chime in if I am not correct
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By JRich27
Hey man, just wanted to chime in on the LSKS. There is a ½ pound bonus to your total weight if you bring in a live fish. It does not matter if you bring in one or two fish, you will get the ½ pound bonus added to your stringer weight. In order for the fish to be considered alive, the fish needs to show some sign of life at the Weigh-In scale. For example, wave a fin, flare their gills or do something to show us he is alive. We are doing the live fish weigh-in for "conservation" but understand that not every fish is going to end up making it in fully alive to be released back. If the angler is making the attempt and the fish has a pulse, it will be considered "alive" for the ½ pound bonus.

Hope this helps!

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