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the Kayak Fishing League. proudly presents:
“ProKayak Anglers Challenge”
March 26th & 27th, 2015

The KFL is building this event from the ground up, with one thing in mind, the Professional Kayak Bass Fisherman! A Pro level, 2Day, "CPR-Live" Kayak bass tournament, held on one of Texas’ best kept secrets, Lake Palestine! This senic 25,000 acre lake, offers Pro Anglers just about every possible type of Structure and Cover to fish. And As well as, a wonderful Largemouth Bass fishery, Lake Palestine also holds a very good population of Spotted Bass… Regardless of what type of Bass you chase, or where you chase them, one things for sure…. Spring Time, with the Full Moon a week out, our Pro’s are gonna catch, some Big Ol’ Texas Bass…... The KFL is building this event from the ground up, with one thing in mind, the Professional Kayak Bass Fisherman!

Our Tournament Host:
Lake Palestine Resort 
Scott Martin
General Manager
Book your rooms Soon! and remember to mention,
the KFL for some sweet discounts on their rates!!

Our Event:
Lake Palestine
March 26-27, 2015
“CPR-Live” Weigh-in
Entry Fee: $250.00 (BigBass included)
Standard 5 Bass Limit 

Off Limits Period: 30days
February 19th thru March 20th, 2015
No-Solicited Information.. ie, "Guides"
No Contestant May be on lake Palestine ina Non- human Powered Watercraft
from Feburary 19th thru March 28th @ 3:01pm
Offical Practice Period:
March 21st thru 26th @ 4:00p.m.
Tournament Sigh-in begins 4:00p.m. March 26, 2015
Mandatory Tournament Meeting 6:00p.m.

Competition schedule:
50 Pro Field/ Both days
Take off: First Safe Light
Check-In: 3:00p.m.
“CPR-Live” weigh-in/ 4:00p.m.
Pay Out: 1st thru 5th place (based on a 50 Pro full field)

January 1st, 2015 @ 7:00a.m. Kayak ProStaff Only!
January 8th, 2015 @ 7:00a.m. Product Sponsored Anglers Only!
January 15th, 2015 @ 7:00a.m. Open registration begin's
Deposit $100.00 paid at time of regristration
Balance of $150.00 in full. Due by March 20, 2015
If Balance is not Paid in Full 03-20-2015by 11:59p.m.
Your Spot will be forfeited, No Exceptions..... 
Deposits will be refunded -$10.00 Fee if requests are made
By Phone Call, before Balance Deadline.... No email, pm, or text request
will be considered.... If moneys are forfeited, Spots will be filled, 
and the Money's added to the Tournament Payout( minus $10.00)

Feel free to contact me
Robert R Dockery
KFL Tournament Director

More exciting News, detailed information, and Official Tournament Rules coming Soon!
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Just a reminder: All Kayak Manufacturers PRO-Staff
May begin registering, Starting TODAY Jan, 01 2015
Endemic & Non-endemic Sponsored Anglers
begin registration Jan 08, 2015
Open registration Jan 15, 2015

Space is limited.... 50 yaks!!! (plus, up to 10 overflow)
Register Soon, as there are Many up and coming Professional Anglers, chomping at the bit for
their shot at one of the overflow spots!!!!

Deposits for this event have Droped
$250.00 entry (BigBass encluded)
$50.00 deposit
Payouts: 90%
1st: $4,500.00
2nd: $2,500.00
3rd: $1,250.00
4th: $1,000.00
5th: $ 500.00
BigBass: $1,250.00!!!

VERY exciting News about Additional Payout opportunities coming soon!
hope this helps with some of the questions folks are having?
WEBSITE is under construction, but its up!?!
Rules are linked from the webpage....

No Public disclosure of participants registered in a KFL event will be made until after the start of the Pre-tournament meeting
Pre-tournament meeting for The Lake Palestine event will begin 6:00p.m. (cst) March 26, 2015 @ Palestine Lake Resort Marina...

As far as, the KFL & KATS events overlaping on the 28th, ........ This was planed, and Ya'll should be on the look out for
some VERY exciting news about this to be announced in the next few days!!!!! [smilie=cool.gif]

There is a ALOT more detailed information about this event about to be released....... but for tonight, let me just say.......
This tournament will change the GAME! Because, at the KFL, "we're all about the Pro!"

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