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By Beamwalker
Two kayaks for sale – Spring Branch, Houston:

1) Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Angler Camo - $650

2) Native Manta Ray 14 Sand - $550

Selling my two kayaks because they have not been used in about three years since we had our kid and I recently inherited a flat-bottom boat. These kayaks were lightly used mostly in the marsh in Anahauc or East Bay fishing or down in San Antonio Bay duck hunting. Both of them allowed us to cross long distances quickly and were also able to get around the marsh easily. Always garage kept – the hulls are in great shape. We had a ton of fun, but now it is time for someone else to get some use from them.

Trident 15 is in great condition. This was my wife's and was used less often. It tracks great, and is very fast. The Ocean Kayak seat is a little sparse, so we got the ACK gone fishing seat with a seat pad, which all come with it. You can fit a TON of gear in this kayak and get to it easily. Light rash from normal use. It comes with:

Ocean Kayak seat
ACK gone fishing seat (with 2x small plano boxes, 1x small/med, 1x med)
Seat Pad
Light pole
Anchor trolly

Manta Ray 14 is in great condition except for the handles in the stern and the bow; the bow handle ripped (the cloth, not the hardware) and the stern handle is getting there. You can get whichever type of replacement handles you want for cheap at ACK. This is a very nice kayak – the seat is very comfortable and is low in the kayak, there is not as much wind resistance and it is very stable. light rash from normal use. It comes with:

Home-made PVC "rocket launcher" style rod holders behind seat (see in photo)
Anchor trolly
Native Groove Track system on each side of cockpit
Home-made rod holders on groove track (Scotty rod holders mounted on starboard – both currently work but one could use a new track slug – available at ACK for 8.99 https://www.austinkayak.com/Native-Groove-Adapter-Slugs-for-the-Groove-Accessory-System/ACK6641P.html
Custom bungee cover for front hatch (replaced Mata Ray looping bungee system with a large buckle for ease of access)
Still in packaging stern Skeg wheel if you want to install.

Along with these kayaks, I have one Precision Pack 2.5' soft-sided bow cooler (fish bag), and one Watertrail 1.5' x 2' soft-sided 2 compartment cooler. First buyer gets first pick, second buyer gets the other. I also have a box of "kayak stuff"-extra hardware, rivets, bungee, cords, YakAttack foam, etc. First buyer gets what they want, second buyer can take the rest.

These boats treated us well and we would absolutely keep them if I could see us using them anytime in the next few years. I can't, so they need to go to someone who will use them.
I'd like to request that you call me about your trident when ever you get a chance Ruben at 979-533-2225 anytime. I'm not a tire kicker I promise, but I've got a lot of hunting gear posted for sale with the purpose of buying me a kayak and I think I have my bow sold. Just want to ask a question thanks.....
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