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By dealmobile
For sale: Native watercraft Manta ray 12ft w/rudder, paddle, skeg wheel, and a rodholder for $450
Also have kit to carry on car roof w/out rack.

Garage stored, always rinsed off and dried well after use, standard scratches on hull nothing close to deep. This wasnt used much prior to me purchasing 3 years ago off tkf. I didnt use much(7-8 times).

West houston/Katy area
Add a medium NRS chinnok pfd vest for another $50
1 brand new ugly stick rod left Medium light $40




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By Yak Dog
Would you be interested in a trade ? I have a new Penn Squall 50VSW spooled with 120# braid and 100 # mono roughly 1200 yards of line . It was meant as my shark rig but never really got into it . The rod is a Penn International V heavy 6 foot rated for 50-100 line . Again all new never used . If interested let me know , for some reason I’m having trouble posting pics
By dealmobile
I would be interested in a trade but I wouldn't use that setup. I'd just have to sell it. If you can sell it and make me an offer, I'd be much more into that. I'll pm you
By Yak Dog
I’ll do $350 for the kayak only, I’m able to pick it up this Friday 11–22-19 as I will be off. Let me know if your ready to sell
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