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Kayaks and related gear for Sale
2015 Jackson Kilroy - $900
Length: 12’-4”
Width: 31”
Weight: 64 lbs
Capacity: 375 lbs
New price: $1200

2015 Jackson Big Rig - $1500
Length: 13’-2”
Width: 37”
Weight: 92 lbs
Capacity: 450 lbs
New price: $1850

These kayaks are in new condition and have been kept inside a climate controlled garage. They have been used 4 times each only in freshwater. Both are loaded with Jackson’s adjustable heigth & lumbar chairs, paddles, rod and reel holders anchors, lanyards, original tackle boxes, water bottle, and 2 adult inflatable life jackets if needed. I also have a like new hummingbird depth/fish finder in a dry box never installed. I haven’t used them in over a year and really hate to sell them, but I want my garage back. I am willing to negotiate. It’s hard to take out a kayak when you have a bay boat. I will add photos of the Kilroy asap, I can also text photos if needed.

The big rig is nice and stable on the water. It tracks straight and is easy to maneuver but you won’t win any races. You can pack tones of gear and beer on it and be gone for days. It has the most dry storage inside the hull and deck space available. It is a fishing machine. If you are a full grown man this is the ride you want.

The Kilroy is stable on the water and fast and seats you in the water line. It is easy to control with the low profile seating, which is heigth adjustable. It is the best for kayak for hunting. It has two good sized dry storage compartments and plenty of room behind the seat.

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