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By SteeleKnight
$2800, cash and that's before I pay to have new tags/plate for the trailer. I believe Dale is your roommate and met you once a few weeks back. Text me at 361-876-3115 for more info.
By da_karr
Bad ass yak. Been eyeing a PA with trailer. I'm just not sure I can pull the trigger on a yak that high of dollar! I have a decked out adios. Guess I could sell that! I really do want a pedal power yak.
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By GetBent
Y'all are crazy- can't blame you for negotiating but that's a good price. What kind of ff and how is it rigged? Better description of trailer and condition- rust wise and tire tread.
By SteeleKnight
NEW PRICE!!!! $2,750. I'll get tire size later. Very Minor rust on Trailer. Looks to be 14' long. Working lights on trailer and winch to pull it up. Located in the Corpus Christi area.
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