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By baseball19
I’m selling my Diablo Amigo sand fleck great kayak just wanting to get a pedal kayak.
Diablo Amigo Sand Fleck retail- $999
Werner Shuna paddle retail-$279
Marine mat olive/butterscotch retail-$329
Larry chair retail- $75
4 gear tracks retail- $29 each
Diablo skeg retail - $139
Diablo hatches retail- $12.99 each
Diablo hatch gaskets retail- $8.99 each
Native tackle bag retail- $200
Yakattack cooler trac tie downs- retail $20
Ram ball retail- $5.99 x2
Ram rod Holder retail $30 x2
Drift chute

I’m asking $1800 for everything listed.
Phone number (512)818-4685 text is the best way to reach me. Thanks


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