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This is the first summer we have decided to start renting
Home is located on Caney creek with a lighted fishing pier. We've caught just about everything off of the pier and the spec fishing can be great at night.
2 night minimum

Short boat ride to East matagorda bay and Mitchell's cut
We launch kayaks out of the yard and do well in the creek as well. Multiple free places to launch that make a decision paddle to East Bay or launch right into the cut.

About 10 minutes to the beach

Link to VRBO

Facebook page

Like/follow the Facebook page as I'll run specials, also as we get more follower I will make a post with a drawing for a very steep discount for a booking to try and get our name out there

Please let me know ow if y'all have any questions, that creek and bay system if where I started and fell in love with kayak fishing
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Thanks bigbuzzard.
If you have Facebook check out the page. I'm going to try to add pictures info/changes as they happen every few weeks minimum.also VRBO had more pics

Feel free to shoot me a message or a number and I can call you or if it's general questions ask away on here. May be useful info for the rest of the tkf crew as well
Sorry guys I forget to check in on this post...house held up great. All the grass diet from saltwater but has since grown back.
The cmbeach lost lost of sand and frontage unfortunately but at least there is still a beach. Not sure how to post pics I'll try to though
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