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By AggieTX
I got a job at the new Cabelas in League City, TX starting in late January. Does anyone know of any good places to rent in the area? Preferably, somewhere that allows a dog and has a garage to store my yak and other tools, etc...

By texnomad
Can't help on your immediate needs since I have been gone from the area since 2002. However be certain that it will take a few years to kayak and fish all the available places around there. POGO from this forum is in the area and is a very nice fellow.
By salvadordaly
Don't know your budget, but. There are some brand new apartments that are still being built (with some opened and renting) right across the freeway (North side) from Cabela's. They have garage storage or enclosed parking spaces. I do not know the dog policy. Don't know the name but they are at hwy. 96 and walker right off the freeway. Also check Craigslist for roommates, I once found a guy who worked in Galveston, that had a brand new house in Dickinson, and was living alone, and rented the whole upstairs to me with all bills paid for $900 a month. It was a nice set up with out the apartment atmosphere. Worked out very well between us. Good luck.
By vstrom650
So the really big question is when the H is Cabelas going be open?

There's plenty of apartments around, but I've never rented in this area so no clue as to quality. There's some newer apartments over on hwy 96 by the Buc-ees that look nice. I'd probably look for a small house myself, but don't know your budget.
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