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By tatumedic
Looking for any info or recommendations for rentals in the Arroyo City area. Will be headed down that way end of September, to mid October time frame. Kayak friendly with waterfront access is a must. Will be for two persons, no pets.

Thanks in advance,

By colby1979
I stayed at one of the cabins offered by arroyocityfishingcabin.com , it was The Spot iirc, the place was a total dump, the house leaned twords the arroyo colorado, had to hot wire the hotwater heater to get it to work, the floor was spongy like they tiled over the carpet numerous time, paint was peeling, front door didn't lock, the small window units couldnt keep up in the august heat, all the couches were filthy and smelled like mold and the parking was a joke.

All in all, I would probably go back though :x The lighted pier was nice and being from west tx we were just happy to be near the salty water. Caught alot of fish too, mostly trout mangroves and some smaller drum.

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