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By limp line
Just got a house that we are opening up to renting. About as easy access to estes flats/california hole/etc as you can get. 2.75 miles to california hole. 1.25 miles to turtle bayou. Just paddle out the canal and you're there! Let me know your TKF for a 10% discount.

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By smtxom
Very nice looking stay at a great location. Any particular reason you require 4 night minimum? I'm trying to find a rental for Sept/Oct time period for a few friends and I.But it would be a 2 or 3 night stay max.
By limp line
There are a couple of reasons. The main being that since we don't charge a cleaning fee we need that many nights to make it worth it. Please send me a pm or an inquiry through vrbo and we can talk about shorter times.
By Justin75
Wow, I am so happy to know about these easy Estates flats access! Dove mountain is a popular real estate nowadays. Could you please tell me should I purchase any property in this real estate at reasonable cost?
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