Fish Fry Recipe

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Fish Fry Recipe

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I recently got turned on to this recipe by a friend of mine. gotta say its pretty good. works great on specs and reds.

depending on how many fish you are doing 1 to 1 ratio on egg to buttermilk (you can use regular milk also) and marinade your fillets for at least 30 mins before frying.

preheat your fryer with canola oil to 350 degrees

Dry Mixture:
1/2) cup corn meal
1/2) cup flour
1) 5oz package of garlic and butter flavor texas toast croutons in food processor ground to flour consistancy (this is the secret ingredient and puts the TX into the recipe)
7-10) Tbsp of either chupacabra seasoning or Tony's to taste ( i start with 7 and fry one fillet and work my way up from there. its always better to add as you go so you don't make it too salty)

Take the fish out of the marinade and coat liberally with the dry flour mixture. drop coated fillet in fryer (make sure your fryer is up to temp or it will make fillet rubbery) and fry until it starts to float. if you like it a little more crispy you can fry for an additional 1-2 minutes. when fillets are done take out and place on paper towel to get some of the oil off.

fish fry recipe is best served over rice with squash and zuchini or whatever veggie you like.

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Re: Fish Fry Recipe

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Haven't looked in the store yet and am not familiar with croutons, but is there a brand name for the Texas toast croutons? BTW the recipe looks to be awesome. I am always looking for a change up to cornmeal. Thanks
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