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By CaptJack
Great skillet cornbread
a box of Jiffy cornbread mix
a 14oz can of cream corn
& 2- eggs
NO milk. there's enough liquid in the cream corn
heated up the 10" skillet on the stove and buttered it
in the oven at 400° for 30'min
moist & sweet
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By Yaklash
That's a good recipe; try about 1/4 cup of diced up pickled jalapenos in it sometime.

Little story about cornbread:

As a kid, there was always a starch for the evening meal and it was potatoes 3-4 days of every week, because my mother grew up with an Irish father (and they are/were so inexpensive). But when it wasn't potatoes, it was either rice & beans or cornbread (sometimes macaroni or pasta).

Mom made cornbread from scratch in a "dedicated" cast iron skillet used for nothing else. At some point, one of my siblings washed the skillet out with soap, ruining the 15 some odd years of seasoning that skillet had. I had never seen my Dad so mad as when he had to eat what he thought was subpar cornbread (he threw nothing out unless truly rotten). I could barely tell the difference as a 10 year old, but he could tell as soon as he took the first bite. That was one of the few times I remember him using profanity at the dinner table (usually reserved for the shop/garage or yard). Man loved cornbread
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