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By Yaklash
Been on a quesadilla kick lately. I make them in the skillet with butter. Here's what I had Sunday:

- Poblano pepper, fire roasted (I do three or four peppers at a time, refrigerate and use them the rest of the week for various things)
(Fire roasting - wash, remove seeds and cut into halves or thirds, whatever lays flat on a cookie sheet. Place under a broiler and let the skin char completely. Alternatively, you can poke them with a skewer and do it over the gas cooktop, but they're messier to clean afterwards and the broiler is just easier all around. When done, place immediately into a brown paper grocery sack, fold the top of the bag over a few times and staple or clamp it closed. Let rest (sweat) for 20 minutes. Peel and cut into serving sizes.

- a few strips of fire roasted poblano pepper, cut into 1/2" pieces
- 3-4 mushrooms sliced thin and sautéed in butter until the fluid comes out. Set aside and clean out the skillet
- a couple ounces of Cotija cheese crumbled up
- grated Monterey jack cheese or a Mexican 4-cheese mix I like from Sargento

Once the peppers and mushrooms are ready, and working with medium heat, coat the skillet in butter and place one large flour tortilla into the butter for long enough to soak up the butter. Take it out and set aside, buttered side up. Re-butter the skillet and place the second tortilla in the skillet. Add a layer of the shredded cheese, evenly spread the poblano and mushrooms on top of the cheese, add the cotija chees and then another, thinner layer of the grated cheese. Place the tortilla that you buttered and set aside on top, butter side up and let cook. After 3-4 minutes (depending on your heat level) turn the quesadilla over to cook the other side. I place a plate upside down over it and flip it from the skillet onto the plate, then drag it back into the skillet browned side up.

When browned nicely on both sides, set onto a cutting board and let rest for the longest 5 minutes of your life. Cut like a pizza pie. I adorn mine with sour cream and Aribe's green salsa in Medium heat level.
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