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By lah2429
HEB had St. Louis style ribs on sale so I figured since the rain finally stopped it was time for some 'cue! Set up my kamado with oak chunks and pecan chips and fired it up to 235 degrees. Rubbed the racks down with yellow mustard and then put on my pork rub (recipe below). Cooked for three hours and then wrapped in butcher paper and put back on the smoker for an hour. Unwrapped and basted with butter and back on the smoker for 30 more minutes. Bark was absolutely perfect, beautiful smoke ring, tender and juicy. No sauce needed for these puppies!

Pork rub recipe:

4 TBL - Kosher salt
2 TBL - Brown sugar
2 TBL - Paprika
2 TBL - Onion powder
2 TBL - Garlic powder
1 TBL - Cumin
1 TBL - Black pepper
2 TSP - Raw sugar
2 TSP - Dried thyme
1.5 TSP - Cayenne pepper
Final results
After smoking
Before smoking
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By Cityfisher
Cliff Hilbert wrote:They look great! What would be the difference wrapping them in aluminum foil as opposed to butcher paper?

I saw a cooking show with Franklin's BBQ and he did a brisket wrap test on 3 different briskets. One was wrapped in foil, one in butcher paper, and one he did not wrap at all. This is what he found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnRRDSYgdmw
Go to about 4:30 or so for the results. Pretty interesting.

Those ribs look fantastic!
By lah2429
Cliff Hilbert wrote:They look great! What would be the difference wrapping them in aluminum foil as opposed to butcher paper?

Every time I've wrapped in foil the texture of the meat has become mushy, probably because I've wrapped them too long. Butcher paper seems to be more forgiving while still keeping them nice and juicy. I'll also wrap my briskets in butcher paper but I never wrap a pork butt. I love that crusty, smoky bark mixed in with the fatty juicy pulled meat.
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By karstopo
Those ribs look good. I like the St. Louis cut the best.

I liked the Franklin brisket video. I never wrap mine when I do them on the Egg. Seems like they come out well and not too smoky. Looked like Aaron and his bud liked the unwrapped one too along with the two wrapped ones. I think choice and prime brisket comes out better than select. I liked his texture test. That's how I like it to be. Some places pull them off too early and the brisket is too chewy and dry.

4 hours on the St. Louis ribs is nice. Some of those competition ribs one sees seem to be done in less time and are a little underdone for my tastes. I like the meat to separate from the bone when you take a bite. I've never done mustard for a pre rub, I might have to try it. The rub you made sounds great too. I'm lazy and have been using Good S**t rub lately. I'm not sure what's in it.
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