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By karstopo
My daughter brought home about 25 dove breasts from this weekend's hunt. I usually do this recipe that requires buttermilk, batter, pan frying and an oven finish. This time, I did dove poppers. I left most of the breasts intact, but did a few boneless ones. The boneless ones would be good for an easy app, but none of us seemed to mind picking the meat of the breast bone.

Seems like the key to this is having the right amount of heat on the grill. Too much, and you charr the bacon before the dove gets done. Too little and it can dry out before the bacon crisps. I did mine on the BGE about 300-325 and rotated them in and out of the hotter part of the fire as needed. I used regular Hormel black label bacon. Thick slice wouldn't be right for this.

I used fresh jalapeños that I seeded. Wife can't be anywhere near the kitchen because the aerosols of the jalapeño released during the seeding process send her into a coughing fit that puts Hillary's to shame. 1/4-1/3 inch slice of pepper over about a teaspoon or 2 of cream cheese tucked into the hollow of the breast bone then wrapped tightly with half a piece of bacon secured with a mini skewer worked nicely. Once wrapped, I sprinkled a generous amount of Salt Licks dry rub over the dove. That rub has a good black pepper bite without being too salty.
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By TexanBrewer
Sounds wonderful.

I did mine last weekend but, due to the deluge we were having, I baked mine this time. The bacon didn't crisp up as well but man were they good.
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