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By Cityfisher
I had the pleasure of eating some of these fresh Royal Red shrimp we got from a fish market down in Portland, Tx. I can't remember the name of it but they had some of the freshest seafood I ever saw. We wanted some shrimp to go with our steaks we were having that evening so we picked those.
They had to have been some of the best tasting seafood I have ever eaten. Very very sweet mild tasting meat.
From what I have read they are a deep water shrimp and harvested only during the spring.
Is there anywhere around the Houston or Galveston area that might have some? I'd sure like to have some of those again next season.
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By JimBeaux
Ive never heard of them.

The crowned jewel of Alabama Shrimp

Because they prefer sandy environments and cool temperatures, the Royal Red Shrimp live at distances that reach sixty miles from the Alabama shoreline. Only a select few Gulf Coast fishermen are licensed to harvest Royal Reds, which are immediately frozen when they’re brought on board because of the distances that Royal Red shrimpers must travel.

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By Cityfisher
I'll have to email my friend that lives in Portland for the name of that seafood market. We were coming back from Corpus so we may have been in Corpus still, I can't remember. Anyway, I read about Alabama harvesting them to but could have sworn it was only during the spring. If you ever see any give them a try. They were really good.

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