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By CaptJack
better herb storage
the other day i picked up some dill at HEB
they now sell their delicate herbs in a solo cup with a Slurpy lid
with water in the bottom like a flower vase
I couldn't believe how much longer the dill lasted without wilting

i save the plastic containers that soup comes in from carry-out
and that's a produce bag over the cilantro & dill



By salvadordaly
this works well. some herbs are better than others with this method. Parsley will last what seems like a month. Cilantro will only get about a week to week and a half before it starts fading. Never tested Dill. I usually use it all when I buy it. Here is another tip to make all of them last a little longer. When you bring your herbs home. Rinse them in the sink with fresh cold water. Place in a salad spinner to remove as much moisture as possible. Take the herbs by the stem in your hand to "bundle" them together. Much like the way that when you bought them, they were bundled together with the rubber band on the stem. Use the rubber band loosely to bunch them together and cut the stems just like you would fresh flowers. Put them in a container that they will stand up in with just enough water to cover the bottom 1/2" of the stems. Also add just a "splash" (a few drops) of vinegar "nitrogen" to the water. I have not tested the vinegar vs. no vinegar yet, but I do use vinegar in the water. Leave the herbs uncovered in the fridge for a couple hours so the moisture will wick away from the herbs and leave them dry. I have found that the moisture on the herbs, when covered, and touching the bag, will destroy the herbs. I use this method for asparagus, and artichokes as well.
The best way to have fresh herbs? Grow them around your house.
I have at all times (year round) placed in my landscape fresh herbs.
Parsley (curly), chives, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, tarragon, lemon balm.
Seasonal: Dill, parsley (flat leaf), fennel (great with fish), Basil.
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