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By salvadordaly
Pulled of the TV show Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives. A little seafood shop and restaurant in the Florida Keys called the Fish House. Original recipe called for a local fish called yellow tail. Very simple recipe and light to eat. I will not bother with measurements, no need, just put it together with your taste, it's that simple. Think of it as an "Italian" Pico de Gallo, topping a fish of your choice, cooked very hot and fast.

Fish (of your desire) today menu was Flounder filets, skin on
tomato chopped
red onion chopped
Garlic minced
capers (rinsed)
Basil (fresh) Chiffonade
white wine (splash)
olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
Parsley minced ( for garnish)
lemon wedges

Mix all the ingredients, except for the fish, parsley, and lemon, and set aside, this can be done earlier to let the flavors come together. Original recipe mixed the day before. I mixed an hour before cooking.
I used fajita skillets that were preheated on my broiler on my outdoor grill. You can use a oven broiler but you would want to move your rack to the top level. You want this cooked very fast with some charring on the top. The skillet method being preheated will mean that the fish starts cooking as soon as you place it in the pan. Top the fish with the "Italian Pico De Gallo" mixture. Place under the broiler for 5-10 minutes until fish is cooked through (all this is depending on the fish thickness).

I had all the ingredients from the garden except the olive oil, capers, wine and fresh lemon. The flounder was pulled from the freezer.
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By CaptJack
FishHouse is a great little restaurant in KeyLargo
with a fresh fish house attached
yellow tailed snapper is a local reef fish - very good

i used to be a SCUBA Instructor and in the winter I would have my students meet me in KeyLargo for their open water checkout dives.
We would gather at the FishHouse for our group dinner after the dives were complete.
a fresh lobster tail &a dozen stone crab claws was what i usually ordered Image

Matecumbe is one of the Florida keys

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By MobyYack
wow that looks delicious...restaurant quality! you could stuff all that inside the flounder and i bet that would be good too
By salvadordaly
Looks like you nailed it silverfox.
Looking back on this recipe I think a little parmesan cheese on top after cooking would add a nice little touch.
Good to see people sharing recipes.
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