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If you happen to be Florida bound or just interested in more fly fishing information please feel free to browse my website.

It includes over 275 photographs, guide services, fly casting info., free articles, learning information including FishBuzz TV, helpful links and more!

Go to: http://www.flyfishjax.com/


Capt.Rich Santos
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By Rich.FlyFishJax
I thought some of you might be interested in this to help you with your travel and vacation fishing plans. Local Artist Capt. Vaughn Cochran now has a website to find out info. about lodges and fishing guides. It also includes the latest reports for a given area and flies that the fish are eating!

<a href="http://www.blackflyblog.com">Blackfly Outfitter FLOG</a>
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By kenmorrow
fly fishing for the disabled: http://www.adaptivefishing.org

my blog, which is mostly fly and kayak fishing: http://www.fishcamprehab.com

You folks have covered most of the top sites already. I order most of my fly tying materials, hooks, etc. from Bear's Den: http://www.bearsden.com

One of the best sites to educate yourself about sub-tropical (from about Corpus on South) in-shore marine biology for the fisherman from the perspective of a fly fisherman who also happens to be the Research Director of the Mote Marine Laboratories at the University of South Florida and the ExDir of the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, you can't beat Dr. Aaron Adams site: http://www.fishermanscoast.com
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By jackh
i like richs and txflycaster

txflycaster- saw a picture of earl. if thats a black sex link im near certain its a hen, unless youve heard it crowe
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