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Kayak fishing the Lone Star State...

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AC, Great link! :D New one on me, Thanks.
Tight Lines

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By Barry
Here's a good Site, especially for people just getting started with fly tying that fredtoo had in another post.
Animated Fly Tying
By barfly
Bay Dweller wrote:out of florida, many nice patterns with step by step instructions...

Here's a good link to a crab pattern...

Hi Bay Dweller, thanks for mentioning my website! I have lots more to add to it, but it is very time consuming. I also just started another website - http://www.yakflyfish.com - but haven't posted anything on it yet. Again, lots to add, but very little time. The kayak fishing out here rocks - very shallow water so no boats can hassle you, plus clear water in the winter months for sight fishing with the fly rod. I will hopefully get some text and pics on yakflyfish soon.
By DeRidder
I've been doing business with Blue Fly for years and have never been disapointed , I posted this addr in the spoon fly paterns thread
www.backwaterhawgs.com in their tying section
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By YakAttak

Check out the "Flies & Lures" button. Not many flies, but some good looking patterns and recommendations. Also, this hasn't been updated since 2005..........
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By Spooled
This site has just about every type of tying material you can think of, and really quick shipping (I do my best to support my local fly shop, but they can't keep everything in stock).


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