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By GoinCoastal
Just list the urls so folks can easily click to these sites. It would be like a community favorites post.....I think it would be a very easy to use resource for all of us. Instead of searching for several post to find the one you need.
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By Barry
IMHO, probably the best fly fishing site on the Net. They have instructions on fly tying, fly recipes, rod building and good/honest product reviews.
Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Fly Anglers Online
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By popasan
i really enjoy fly anglers on line, Barry turned me on to that site many moons ago......

here are a couple more:



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By M-D
This is an interesting fly from Dan Blanton's web site (There are several more): <A HREF="http://www.danblanton.com/SSTins.html">SST</A>

I've some of these in my box: <A HREF="http://shop.flyfishing.about.com/fly_archive/details/640.htm">Tullis Wiggle Fly</A>

No recipes, but here's enough redfish flies to keep even the most prolific tyer busy: <A HREF="http://members.ij.net/danscustomflys/TopRedfishFlies.html">Top Redfish Flies</A>

And enough seatrout flies to do the same: <A HREF="http://members.ij.net/danscustomflys/TopSeatroutFlies.html">Top Seatrout Flies</A>

There's more flies besides this one: <A HREF="http://www.fish4fun.com/flyfishlilred.htm">DJ's Lil Red Surprise</A>

And the list goes on forever. :wink:

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By Barnacle Bill
Yeah, we're all junkies.. Glad we have a support group here now. :twisted:
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By let's go
"my name is Scott and I have a problem" :lol: Didn't say I wanted to stop, I just think it's good to admit there's a problem. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By Animal Chris
Joe Branham has set this site and is no longer associated with Saltwater Fly Tying. This is the address for his sight. All of Joe's proprietary materials have been moved to this site (all the good stuff, at least) and he is the sole owner of the site. The new address is:


and they have a couple of new patterns already.

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