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By bones72
Well I remember a while back professor salt was wearing em out on crab flies so I thought I'd do some up. Cant wait to get back down to the coast and give these a whirl. May be to small for reds and to big for sheepshead as they are a #4 Mustad hook but it will be fun finding out.

Crabs II.jpg
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crabs I.jpg
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By GoDoe
#4 is fine for reds. That is what I use all the time. Nice looking flies.

In these flood waters I use a small dumbbell eyes so the crab slides along the bottom of the bare sand.

We are fishing in places that only cows were utilizing a few weeks ago.
By bones72
Did up a few more after seeing some smallish fiddlers.

Fiddlers II.jpg
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Fiddlers I.jpg
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Instead of the usual Mustad hook I went with a Gamakatsu B10 S mainly because they are scary sharp. Small dumb bell lead eyes as well.
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By Prof. Salt
Good looking flies! I kept experimenting and finally ended up with an EP version that is really durable. My taco crabs would swim fairly well but would usually only survive one fish. The current fiber crabs swim well and survive trip after trip. I rarely make claws now because the fish don't seem to care one way or the other.

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By GoDoe
Those look great. You can save yourself some time if you don't want to do the eyes or the wigglie legs either. The fish don't care.

I use frayed yarn instead of EP fiber and usually a wad of craft fur for a tail. No complaints from the reds
By Kayak Kid
Prof Salt, what ya' got there is a hand full of outstanding permit flies. Those darned permit care about the eyes and wiggle legs.

I had a guide in Mexico who was an extremely successful at putting fisherman on permit. He tied a fly very similar to yours, and I used it with great success on several fishing trips. The permit laughed as they swam away from the crab flies I tied.
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