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By ben_beyer
I'm focusing the majority of my tying on Saltwater and Bass Bugs and interested in what other people are using to keep their flies organized in?

I've looked at the Tacky Big Bug Fly Box X2 and it's nice but I want to make sure I have something that will meet my needs and I'm not interested in being out $35 on a fly box alone if it's not the right one. I've also looked at some of the Cliff's fly boxes too.

https://www.google.com/search?q=Tacky+B ... jJmwGlPuLM
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By Ron Mc
I throw in lure boxes when I place an order from TackleDirect - they're like the Plano boxes, priced right, and offer a good range of sizes from micro to offshore.
Container Store is another source if you're convenient to one - they also sell milk crates there.
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By impulse
I've migrated over to the o-ringed waterproof boxes from Plano (and others) for the tackle that follows me onto the water. For the stuff that stays in the house or the van and I pull it out occasionally before getting on the water, the standard boxes are fine. But the o-ringed boxes for a few dollars more sure save a lot of rinsing and/or rusting. Especially on the kayaks and wading in the surf where they're constantly splashed or immersed. That's doubly important on fuzzy lures that soak up salt water and rust between trips.

The biggest downside (in terms of convenience) is unhooking the latches one time before the adventure, and re-hooking them after. While on the water, only one of the 3 latches is used. The boxes still seal pretty well and it's easy to open just one latch. Lots of different sizes available.
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