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By Pogo
I'm sitting on a bunch of fly tying materials I haven't used in ten years or so, really need to move it outa here before it goes bad. There's all sorts of hair, fur, feathers, krystal flash, flashabou, dubbing, epoxy spoon cutouts, hooks of all sizes, you name it I prolly got it, and more - too much to list. I was tying everything from traditional trout insects to big saltwater bombers and everything in between. What I wanna know: is there any interest in this stuff as a lot? I really don't want to "piece it out" as I'm too busy to run an online store, so how about a bargain priced grab bag sorta deal? Not looking to get rich here, but mostly find a good home for it. Any other suggestions are welcome.

If there is interest, I'll take a few pics and post 'em to give an idea of quantity/quality/diversity.

Please Note: I ain't getting out, and intend to keep a small assortment, plus most my tools and vises, for when I want to tie a few flies -- so no tools or vises, only a big grab bag of surplus materials.
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By karstopo
I’ve already got so much tying materials myself. I almost never do anything “trouty” so that type of stuff would be a waste on me.

Rooster grizzly hackle, deer hair for spinning, duck flanks, marabou, EP, some of that kind of material is interesting.
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By larry long shadows
I'm just glad to see you posting... you could also donate them to team Project healing waters San Antonio and San Marcos...they teach fly tying class to disable Vets ...
By WesTex1
I am just getting into tying flies and don’t know much about it but very interested in materials you don’t need sir, do you have a price?

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