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Been tying a bit lately. Ordered and received my 1st of the month tying materials. Really have had great service from the places I have been using; Sightcast Fishing, Saltwaterflies.com, and Feathercraft. The only issues I have had is inconsistencies in some of the materials with a big time emphasis on the craftfur. I ordered a fair amount as I am still tying up a bunch of redfish crack style flies. Trying to get the colors I wanted I ordered from two different places. Just the run of the mill standard “extra select” stuff from Hareline Dubbin. Some of it has a ton of “underfur” while some does not. Three packages had one “rug” while two of the packages had two and a package of cream fur had three rugs. The olive and tan seem really silky and straight while the cream was slightly crinkly and coarse and boy was that stuff full of static; had to use two dryer sheets to get it to lay down.
Anyway tied up some crack flies, experimenting a little with a predominately shell pink variety using a variety of brushes between the Sightcast shrimp pink and an E.P. 2” foxy brush in Shrimp pink. Also did a few seaducer type flies as well as Vlaho’s sandflea. I need to get some Gamakatsu B10s in #2 as there is a shrimp pattern I’d like to try. I’ll post some pictures a little later.
This is what I meant to say . Not sure how the other stuff got on here that was from a much earlier post.
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Thanks fellas. Mole crabs are fairly easy. McFly foam, dumbbell eyes, a little tan spanaflex, gold lite bright and a pair of loco legs for the tail, chenille for the legs. I used some antron dubbing I had for the marbled effect
Have some of the stuff to do different colors but forgot some key ingredients like different color chenille and I need more thread. Hadn't realized how my spools were being depleted. Tried the shrimp variant of the sand flea late last night really need to get some B10s hooks. The longer shank, hence tying room would help. Would love to do them in about the same color as I have the sand fleas in as I think that matches some of the shrimp down on the coast pretty well. I'll post that one up later.

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