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By TexasFlyaker
Some of my favorite fishing is done in the dog days of summer. Some of the lakes I fish have places that you can only get to with a air/mud boat or a kayak. It's so thick with grass a pads that a lot of times I'm standing and poling my way through. Its work but it can be well worth it. The water cleans up and is black with tons of baitfish. I have used a 10wt to launch big bugs into that stuff. It seems overkill, but when you hook a 5lb bass and he dives you are thankful for the pulling power to get him back up on top. Yes you sacrifice feeling the fight in open water, but in that thick stuff the explosion on top is almost scary. Fun!!!
By impulse
I don't know about anyone else here. But years ago, I found I no longer have the strength or stamina to throw a 12-13 weight rod for more than a couple of casts. I can manage a 9 weight for a few hours, but I don't enjoy it as much as throwing a 7 weight. That, I can throw all day. In fact, my favorite rods are 3 and 4 weight rods, because with them I can protect even a 2# test tippet, and that gets me more strikes even if I don't land them all.

I realize that limits me to fairly calm days in closer waters, but that's better than fooling myself into a trip that I'm not going to enjoy at all. If the water's really close and brushy, I can throw a heavier rod for shorter casts and use a heavy leader. So I generally carry a few rods with me and pull out the one that matches the conditions.

Besides, catching a 10 pound fish on a 3 weight is a hoot.
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